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What are the best, fast growing herbs to grow?

I started some cilantro and dill but neither of them really did well and came up, out of 12 containers I think I got one decent basil sprout. Any tips on growing them? Is it better to keep them indoors in a window for the first few weeks (it rained hard and I think that's what got to them when they first started out, because they all sprouted then disappeared). I keep all of my plants, veggies and flowers outside in pots on the patio and I move them under the porch when it rains but sometimes I don't get to them in time. Anyways, any advice would be great. I'm a first time gardener who started my garden on August 20th and it's already looking very green! :D

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If they were small seelings then the rain definately washed them away, especially if it was a hard rain. Happened to all my flower seeds, which is why I have two empty beds. Hard rain one day, searing heat the next. God Bless Texas.

I'm not sure about the fastest growing, but I know catnip and lavender are some of the slowest.

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Basil, oregano, mint (too fast! grow it in pots or it will take over your yard), parsley, dill, fennel, lemon balm. My sage was a bit slow to get started the first year, but now it just grows like mad and I am wondering what on earth I'm going to do with a bushel of sage.

I've been meaning to say, you've been asking about fast growing everything, and it makes sense if you are starting from nothing you want your garden to take off. But along with all the plants, you will need to cultivate a little patience :) . Figure that the first year your garden is going to look pretty sparse. The second year it will be starting to look like a garden, and by the third year you will be getting that full, lush look we are all striving for... Unless of course you can afford to hire a landscape designer and spend $10,000 putting in a full grown garden all at once, the way they do on TV, most of us can't!

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