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Vietnamese Cilantro

Has anyone here grown it?
I bought some yesterday and planted it in the herb garden. I'm getting fed up with my regular cilantro bolting so fast (it's not even hot here!)

From what I've read the Vietnamese cilantro is a tender perennial that dies at 32 degrees, but someone on another forum mentioned it overwintering in Portland, OR. Supposedly it does well as a houseplant, too.

The one I bought seemed a little stressed. I hope it does okay, and I hope it's tasty!

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I saw a TV show once call, Flower Pot Garden many years ago. They planted everything including Herbs in flower pots, keep them outside in full sun.

Then in the winter you can bring them inside. Set them out during the day then bring them in at night when it gets cold. Sounds like a good idea.

I have never seen Vietnamese Cilantro in any store but next spring I will be looking for it.

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