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Dried Carrot tops as an Herb.

I put some of my carrot tops in my solar dehydrato then I ground them in my herb grinder. It sure does smell good. I am going to make a place in my spice rack for this. It smells and taste different than any herb I have. I put some in tomato soup it was very good. I tried it in Meat Loaf and on Chicken they were both good too. I mixed it into India homemade flat bread and it added a nice aroma and flavor to the bread. I did a few experements just to check it out.

Has anyone every used carrot tops as an herb?

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That is fabulous and creative! I haven't eaten any, but carrot tops are an essential food for my rabbit--she loves spicy food!

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I've been using them fresh and chopped as substitute for parsley. They taste carrot-y, not the same as parsley at all, but works well for the green color garnish, are actually darker green -- I.e. probably more nutritious -- than parsley, and I actually like the flavor better in some cases. Good idea to dry them.

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Re: Dried Carrot tops as an Herb.

apparently you can smoke them and they get you highish, has anyone tried this?

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Re: Dried Carrot tops as an Herb.

Ignoring the smoking, it is a nice idea about using the carrot tops. I hadn't thought about that, but they are in the same family with parsley and dill, which we use the leaves of.

The more I find out about all the weeds and leaves and flowers that are edible, the more I think my little city lot could probably feed me all through the growing season, if I worked at it and used everything. I'd starve to death in winter though. What I could put by would not be enough to get me through. There's a reason why February is the Hunger Moon!

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Re: Dried Carrot tops as an Herb.

Haha, well that took a turn.

I'm glad to know the tops of carrots are edible. I've been wondering that myself for a while--always feels like such a waste to toss them.

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