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when does chamomile bloom?

I bought a couple of chamomile starts at a local nursery and they seem ok, they've been in the ground about 2-3 weeks and I was just wondering when the flowers show up. so far I don't even see any buds? it's roman chamomile if that makes a difference.

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Mine is blooming right now. However, I'm several degrees of latitude south of you; maybe in three or so weeks?

I'm not sure which variety of chamomile I have; it has yellow centers and white petals and was the only variety available last fall when I purchased it.'s what I have. (I think the label is still in the container; I'll do my best to look at it later today.)

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I wonder if you accidentally bought the cultivar ‘Treneague’ , which was developed for chamomile lawns. It doesn't bloom.

Other than that specific cultivar, Roman chamomile blooms late spring to summer. Yours might just be a little slow, since you just planted it. I would give it another 2 to 3 weeks, I think. :)

In my yard, chamomile is a weed, and it isn't blooming yet.

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