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My basil leaves are turning yellow

One of my basil plants is turning yellow.

Does anyone know why?


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A lot of different things can make a plant's leaves turn yellow ... insect infestations, various diseases that affect foliage, improper watering, insufficient nutrients, just to name a few. Could you post some pictures?

Here are instructions for posting pictures on the forum:

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Here is a picture of the basil plant turning yellow and the one right next to it that looks healthy.


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thats the same thing that happened to me. I think it was because I wasn't picking off the leaves. because the little ones were fine it was just the really big ones that started to turn.

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I have 4 basil plants lined up in a row, and 1 is also yellow while the other plants are a beautiful green. I have to admit that I haven't picked many leaves off of any of the plants. The only thing I have plucked are the leaves that were eaten by slugs when first planted and I've taken off flower buds. I don't understand either :?

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I found that to much watering can cause yellowing . soil drainage is key to basil ....especially in the south .

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If the yellowing is hapening between the veins then it could be downy mildew. Sweet basil if very susceptible and the disease can be transmitted by seed as well as by spores in the air. It is worse in humid conditions.

It is hard to grow sweet basil now. I can't grow it. I tried Eleonora, but it is not immune. It just lasts a little longer. Holy basil, African basil don't seem to show signs of disease. Lemon basil and thai basil will show the disease but to a lesser extent. I have tried preventive anti fungal sprays, but I can't keep up when it rains a lot. It might be better to grow it in the summer when there is less rain. As far as I know there is no GMO basil so it will be a long time for the breeders to breed one with resistance that still tastes good. ... ny-mildew/

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