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If you cut off the tops where there are 2 leaves the plant will then grow 2 tops in the place of that 1 you cut off. When it starts to flower then trim it again this time cut off the 2 tops and it will turn into 4 tops. Then if you cut off the 4 tops it will turn into 8 tops. Any time it starts to flower trim off the tops.

This year I am using a solar dehydrato for all my herbs. Fresh Basil has a very strong aroma a 1 gallon basket of basil in the kitchen the aroma will just about take over the entire house in a few hours. After it has been dehydrated its aroma is not as strong as it was before but it is easy so store in the spice rack.

In the past I filled 1 gallon zip lock bags with Basil tops and froze them. They hold pretty much all the aroma and flavor when frozen. A year later they smelled and tasted about the same so I did not plant basil for 3 years. I have some frozen Basil that is 4 years old I think after 4 years it has finally lost some of its aroma and flavor.

The frozen basil is more like fresh picked from the garden while the dehydrated basil is more like what you buy at the grocery store only better.

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somegeek wrote:A preservation method we've used(and found does well) is to chop up the leaves to a course texture. Toss with a little olive oil. Place into a one gallon zip top bag. Flatten to distribute in the bag evenly. Place a cutting board or other flat object over the bag and press to flatten further and get all the air out. Zip shut and place on a flat surface in your freezer. It freezes into a board of basil. When you need basil, you can break off chunks as needed. :)

That sounds like a great idea :-()

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I've dried basil and sage before with paper bags. It's really simple. Hang the plant upside down in the open bag by wrapping the top of the bag around the stem. Put a twisty tie or a rubber band around the bag top. If you store the bags in the house and you have central air, the climate shouldn't matter much. I don't know exactly how much time has to pass, but you can just open the bags to check. Shake the leaves off the plant and pour the dried leaves out of the bag.

I don't remember who to credit for the idea because I read it years ago.

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