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Yep, I have 'Gardenview Scarlet' bee balm throughout the front borders and it is a hummer magnet. I do not use a feeder so when I get hummers it is all about the flower power. That is their favorite in my yard, but my native hydrangea, [url=]H. arborescens [/url] is also popular and it got bigger this year...

At Mom's the [url=]'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' fuschia[/url] I gave her years ago (she overwinters it in her garage) is the hands down fave, although her other fuschias give it a run...

Containers are fun, and I wouldn't do mint any other way, but some perennials like sage and oregano, do best in soil if you can find a spot...

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Hey everyone I'm new to the forum. Been a herb gardener for years, sometimes good sometimes bad. I do have a hard time starting from seed, this year I used pellets to seed in, it was the worst, I only had luck with lettuce in the pellets.

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