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Basil funk

I got some seedling basil about five days ago from the local store, and it looked perfectly healthy. Re-planted it in a bigger pot and watered it and it's outside in my small container garden on my apartment balcony.

It did okay for about two days, then I began to notice holes in the leaves.

Now some of the leaves are browning and curling up.

Firstly, what should I do about this? None of my oregano, strawberry plants or flowers seem to be affected by any sort of bugs.

Secondly, can I still pluck off the leaves and make a pesto sauce with them? Will this shock the plant and or could it be good for it to get them off. Also, will it hurt me to eat them.

Thank you!
My Garden is a container Garden out on my apartment's balcony. I live in Orlando Florida!

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