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Fungus Gnats


Can anyone help me confirm if this is fungus gnats.


I've tried most of the methods available online to get rid of this pest.

But they seem to keep on reappearing in greater numbers.

I'm growing mint and coriander.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)


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They certainly look like fungus gnats, according to this site I found when I searched Google Images:

OTOH, the information I found refers to insects in the U.S., so you might have some other bug in your area that looks the same. I don't know.
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have you tried the yellow sticky paper traps? I didn't find they completely rid us of the pests but they sure controlled them and many many were caught.

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My two cents here (Hi, Andy! :cool: ) If they are located in a spot that does not get good air circulation, perhaps increasing the air circ., may also help control them. Unfortunately, herbs hate moisture on their leaves, or I'd suggest spraying them and the soil with a mild dish-soap concoction. But I think that would only annoy the plants, not the bugs. I agree with the sticky pads or strips, though.

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Wherever there is light and nutrients, algae will grow. Algae eat the nutrients you are trying to feed to your plants, and when pieces of algae die they attract fungus gnats. Fungus gnats lead to many other problems.

Some tips:

Keep humidity at 50% or lower
Keep heat below 75 F
Don't let stagnant water sit inside any trays
Don't mist the leaves of plants
Apply water directly to soil when it's dry
Apply a gentle insecticide in serious cases

If you're making your own compost and using it indoors, that could be your problem right there. We all know if we leave a banana peel on the counter for a few days, gnats will appear.

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