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LazyGirl- nice list. Very nice lists coming out of all you westerners. On first look, I spotted the Artemesia but I looked it up and it's a great choice for where you garden. Big problem child for us out east but nice selection for you. I did not spot any invasives but I do have a tendency of pointing them out when I spot them so I can assure you I would probably be first in line to let you know.
I can't help myself, it must be in my blood or something! Either that or I'm so sick and tired of removing the darn things that I see red when they pop up.

You can go here and plug the scientific name into the search engine to determine nativity.
Also too, if you click on your state, a map of counties with documented occurrences will pop up for you.

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Thank you Lorax! I also check out each plant in the Calflora website:

It gives county specific sightings for each plant so I can check if it is in my region.

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