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Burning Bush Warning Sign

My mom was at HD today and sent me a photo of this sign in front of the Burning Bushes (Euonymus alatus) they had for sale...


I was so surprised to see this, especially at a big box store, so I had to share! Has anyone else been seeing these signs?

I think most people purchasing plants for their landscape wouldn't even consider the environmental impact they might have in their plant selection. They assume that if it's being sold and has a pretty description then why not?! I would imagine that having a warning label like this would definitely steer a good number of customers away.

It's an interesting concept rather than outright not offering invasive plants that have the popularity of burning bushes. I wonder if having such warnings that lead customers to ask for native or less invasive alternatives might eventually phase out the popularity of invasive plants altogether? Decreasing the demand might ultimately discontinue their availability for purchase. O:)

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