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plant ID??

i just did not know where to post this question.

my neighbor has a plant (i think it is a weed of some sort) quite native to our area.
it grows rampant in her yard which butts up against mine. it invades my garden and lawn.
it looks like fat grass and grows up to about 2'.

would like to know what it could be and how do i get rid of the root system that encroaches my yard
or..talk to her and take steps to rid it totally from her yard.

see pic....it is the smaller plant in front with a few little sprouts that look like fat grass. my other neighbor next door to her, cut down the biggest part of the plant. hope you can tell by the cut down part what this plant is and how i can get rid of it!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.46.16 AM.png

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Re: plant ID??

It looks like equisetum. There are different species and I can't tell which one though. What do you think?

Where are you located?
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Re: plant ID??

oh my never heard of that name before. is that the botanical name for running bamboo plant.
i am located in southern BC

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Re: plant ID??

no, equisetum is horsetail, a very primitive plant that doesn't flower. But it is a nasty weed and hard to get rid of.
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Re: plant ID??

Now I see it! Horsetail. Got some old DNA. Grows on every continent, and probably including Antarctica! Spreads by underground runners, and you have to dig down to get to them. Best to try to dig out after a good soaking rain, or after a good soaking watering. (not muddy, just damp down through.) It's great looking, if grown in a big container!

You can cut it and bundle, use as a fine sandpaper/buffer. Or tie pieces in bundles to use as a dish scrubber.
Have fun!

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