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Colorful front garden for Northern New Jersey?

I am just about finished getting the roots up on my front yard's garden. I could use some suggestions on bushes, plants, flowers and trees that grow well in the Northern, New Jersey area. I want it to be colorful.
Thanks for any help you can send my way.

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bushes, trees, flowers, plants is a very broad order and you didn't give us information about your conditions- sun, shade, wet, dry, etc.

You can tell it what you are looking for (tree, shrub, perennial, etc), what your conditions are, what your hardiness zone is (perhaps 6 in New Jersey, but you can look it up if you don't know) even colors, etc and it will give you suggestions.
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Just for some examples, I have winterberry holly, red osier dogwood, red bud, arrowwood viburnum, cornus alternifolia (AMAZING mahogany red early spring new leaves), clethra summer sweet (I have white flowered one but there is a pink flowered variety that I want to get as well), blueberries (gorgeous autumn color).... Speaking of autumn color, be sure to consider sugar maple if you have the room.

For flowers, iris versicolor, wood poppy (recently finished blooming cheerful bright yellow), virginia bluebells, marsh mallows, liatris, coneflowers, asters, ... oh and trumpet honeysuckle (in full bloom and attracts hummingbirds and nesting birds in the vines).

Look for native plant sales in your area. If you are not too far, Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve in Pa (just north of Doylestown) will have a big one on Mother's Day weekend through the weekend after.

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