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Native plants in Alberta Canada to add to my garden!!

Hey all,

I need some help with names of native perennials to add to my Alberta garden.


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This is my favorite native wildflower website and this is a link to a recommended species list for your area.


They also have a pretty easily searchable database that lets you search by plant type, flower color, flower season, wildlife usefulness, sun, shade, moisture needs, etc.

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There is an excellent book you can buy, in alberta on native wildflowers----It's called----Alberta Wayside Wildflowers--printed by lone pine, by Linda Kershaw. Great book, shows lots of colour pictures and gives lots of information on them.

I got one a couple of years ago, as I had no idea what some of the plants were. I find it very interesting, it has pictures of pink Wild Roses on the Cover. Good Luck. :)

Odd Duck, your link is very interesting too, thanks. :)

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