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Any SoCal gardeners into native plants?

I have an unfenced half-acre on the east edge of the ranch I live on. I've tried growing food there but with the exception of tomatoes, the rabbits and squirrels take everything before it's two inches high. I would like to use this space to create some revenue, and have been thinking of growing starts of native species like chuparosa and white sage for sale. Are there any SoCal gardeners out there who can help me identify candidates? Sure appreciate it!

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Hi Darth,
I have a couple of Sumac varieties, fourwing saltbrush and antelope bitterbush growing in my yard.
Check out this website for native plants for sale in my area. Maybe some of these varieties would work for you plan too? this place has a couple of greenhouses, a sales office and a large yard where he has his mature plants for sale. He also does contract windbreak sales.
There is a couple of links to plant and wildflower seed lists there.

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