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I'm so happy

My trillium, mayapple and bloodroot are all starting to come up! I thought they were goners after the chimney blew over on them last year, and the stones weren't moved till late fall. That means there is hope the Solomon's seal, wood sorrel (oxalis acetosella-pink blooms), and trout lily will come up too. :D

:oops: Thought I should edit and clarify. We had a tornado that did alot of damage, and moving the rocks was low on the list of what needed rebuilt/cleaned up. Original post seemed like I just didn't care :cry: .

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:D That's always exciting when things come back, that you thought you had lost. Sounds like that was some storm!!!

I can understand why, you took longer to get to that stuff, it must have been extremely upsetting. Congrats on the plants coming back. :)

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They do say that native plants are best for carefree garden. Good to know they took care of themselves while you were busy with more pressing concerns. Glad to hear everybody is recovering nicely. :D

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