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Australian Natives

My backyard is primarily native. While is far from perfect or complete, I still have lots of fun left thinking about what to fill gaps with. Our natives don't mind overcrowding which is good - room for more, and more under trees.

Here are some photos of my garden :D Hope they aren't weeds where you are :P
Mostly shaded area - mix of natives and exotics
Some of my backyard - yes I know it needs mowing
Melaleuca claret tops - slow grower but looks and smells beautiful
Kangaroo paw - loves dryer conditions
Bracelet honey myrtle - fast grower
Unknown - native grevillia
unknown name but is a native ground cover
Strawberry sundae grevillia
Paper daisy

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Beautiful... your native plants are so exotic and showy!

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What beautiful plants! We grow many Australian natives here in Arizona. Eremophilas are my favorite.

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Hi there-My gardenau-
I was wondering if you have any updates on your native plants. Here in SA we have similar conditions and little water. I am soon to be planting out on an acre of land we have in the Clare Valley at Auburn. It is a bush block surrounded by farmland. There are dozens of ecualypts and a wattle that seems to die off evry 5-8years and reshoot-not sure why? The views change with the crop cycles and the light. I will be planting Grevilleas and love the strawberry one in your pics. Do you have any grasses?

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My favorite are the Australian tree ferns, cyathea cooperi I think, however I know there are a lot more species. Do you have any growing in your yard or area? I saw your kangaroo paw too, they are sold all over here in California, what a great plant.

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hi mygardenau

The kangaroo paws can be very temperamental esp in the wet areas of Australia but yours are looking very good. The bracelet honey myrtles are great melaleucas I use them alot on our family's property in NSW - good for the little birds.
That grevillea you had as unknown in your first post looks like a juniperina. Link below.


You should add some native grasses! great low maintenance plants.

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