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Anyone Have Problems with Bagworms???

We have discovered that our 50' Blue spruce tree in our yard is COVERED with bagworms! I have pulled off the one's I can reach, but of course we have to get a tall ladder to get the rest. From reading on the net they say you can only treat them in the spring! But they mate in the Why couldn't I treat in the fall?

Has anyone on here had problems with them and any success on getting rid of them?

Any advice would be very helpful!

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In spring there are young larvae which are the most vulnerable to treatment. Later in the year there are either pupae, which are sealed up and pretty much invulnerable; adults, which are only around a few days as they basically only live long enough to mate/ lay eggs, so they are a little hard to catch; or eggs which will overwinter to become next spring's larvae and are also not very vulnerable to treatment.

That's not to say you can't try treating bagworms whenever you see them, just that it's most likely to be effective in spring.

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