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is this a sub-tropical wasp or hornet?

Sorry I have no pic to post. I saw one of these today flying around the large oak tree in our yard, then over to the southern magnolia. No exageration, it was 2- 2 1/2 inches long at least, rusty reddish front half and wings, appearing to have double wings, and neon green abdomen with dark stripes. Like chartreuse. Not yellow or orange or light green, bright chartreuse. The body seemed wider than even very large hornets. I've seen European hornets and cicada killers and bald-faced. I have seen these green things before on purple passion flower vine blossoms. We live in inland Central Florida just about at the sub-tropical/tropical line if there is such a thing. My son claims to have been stung by one of these once and said it felt like being stabbed, though he has never been stabbed :lol: . Any opinions?

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Was it a Dragon Fly? :roll: :?:
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I've definately seen dragon flies that big and I'm not near any water. Double wings rules out hornets and wasps.

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not wasp?

Look here and see if you can find one that matches?
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You can also check the website
I have found it to be a good site for the odd bugs I have never seen. Try searching first and if you cannot find it, shoot them an email with a photo, and they will usually be able to find you an answer. If its a new bug for their site, they will publish it for the next person!

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