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Sounds great! I actually saw quite a few insects this weekend. There were carpenter bees at the lilac tree, orange checkered-looking butterflies (that seemed to be on some sort of migrating mission) and some wasp-looking insects around. No mason bees though :| (at least from my limited observation experience).

I don't think my poppies are anywhere near blooming. I bought a six-pack at a nursery and am wondering if they don't transplant well. The roots were really crammed in there and all... :? After I transplanted them most of the leaves turned red then yellow, and they are just now sending out new leaves. I am hoping that they will send up blooms SOMETIME this spring! :roll:

Regarding the descriptor... I am lazy only regarding things that I DON'T want to do! (like organizing and chore-type duties) :-() Give me any excuse and I'll be outside puttering around the yard, playing in the mud. O:)


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The California poppies are the orange ones; they're never red or yellow. I think maybe you have Asian poppies, the ones with the incredible leaves? ...envy... I planted Hungarian breadseed poppies last year, and not a one ever came up. *sigh* Not then, and not this season, either.

My gardening neighbor down the street has some Asian poppies in the ground, and they're nowhere near blooming either, but the leaves are just incredibly detailed, large, drifting beautifully in the breeze as I walk by with the dogs...


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Knock on wood about the bees; as long as they are peddling imidicloprid for EVERY situation, our bees will be threatened...

And yes, I'm aware there is little documantation in support of that statement IN THE U.S. (where EPA has been blocking NRDC FOI requests to see the certification test data for years. Why?), but the European data was clear enough and they don't have lobbyists over there like we do here. Banned in France and Germany except by special license...

My Silphiums are pushing up finally, some of the Liatris squarrosa (var. nova angliae) frost heaved up but the corms still look good. My mountain mint is busting out, should be a good year for it, and the service berries are starting to break bud...

Natives Rule!


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Hi, I'm new here, thought I'd share my Pacific Coast Hybrid Irises ("Rincon") from this April. In the background is a native fern I gathered from a landslide, and on the left, barely visible, is a chocolate lily (Fritillaria affinis) I grew from wild-collected seed and a sword fern. I'll next post a picture of that knockout blooming. Cheers.

Not sure I am doing the photo thing right...can anyone tell me how to post a photo?

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Here's the link on how to post pics on this forum:


Not sure if how I posted this link will get you there but I'll give it a try. :roll: :oops:

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Jamie - I wish I could see your pictures! As this post was my first time linking to pictures, I found it useful to keep using the "preview" button before submitting to make sure I got the text correct. The key is that you have to host your pictures elsewhere (upload them to photobucket or some other hosting website) and post the link to your images in this forum.

Hope that helps! I look forward to seeing your images. :D


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in the red pots I have puple phalox but they have died down for the season. :)

Behind the tree is a hill with raspberry/ milkweed/ violets/ small unidentified yellow flowers same size as violets/ and these massive tree trunks on the ground. The tree trunks are covered in moss and mushrooms is so beautiful. I added fuschia to the ground here this year and they died as soon as the cold came. Humming pirds loved those plus this spot is one of the shadiest places and a rest stop for myself.

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