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Some of my trees...

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My collection
My collection
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Very nice!

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beautiful! Did you make those? Some of them are huge old stumps... did you harvest them that way somewhere? (yamadori)

we'd love to have you tell us more about your process....

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How beautiful! I love how some have big, thick, old-looking stems. Amazing :)

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Thank you!

Thank you! Yes I made them. At my nursery, Artisans Bonsai. People call us to remove stumps like this from their yards. People buy the "bougainvillea" when they are cute, little plants on a trellis at Home Depot. Since they are a vine, they grow hugh and become, instead of a "bougainvillea" a "poke-and-kill-ya"! People just want them out. I have one that was originally planted in 1928 (see below).

We also harvest them from abandon houses or in the wild, (of course with land/house owners consent) as in the case of the lantana (picture 2 & 3). Lantanas are considered an invasive weed here in Florida. They get beautiful flowers. It makes cows sick so cattle farmers call us to remove it free. We also have landscapers that call us when they are removing old landscape plants and trees and we pick them up, saving them the disposal fees.

Picture 1 (Crepe Myrtle) came from a persons yard. They had never watered it so it went down deep for water. When harvested it had ZERO roots! I soaked it in Hormex (we represent them in Florida to the bonsai community and are in their brochure) and new roots formed. I spent 38 hours carving the wood, creating the deadwood you see here (still needs about 10 hours or so to complete).

Thank you for your comments. They are old. Some older than me. It doesn't take long to get some old trees if you collect from the wild or landscapes. Watch for stores like McDonalds that are remodeling. landscapers simply rip everything out and plant new. Just remember...if you don't ask they will be gone forever. I NEVER hesitate to stop and ask a homeowner if they want to remove old overgrown stuff. You would be surprised how many times they say YES (specially bougainvilleas).

Planted in 1928...
Wild Lantana flower...
lantana flower.jpg
lantana flower.jpg (19.33 KiB) Viewed 11410 times

Please feel free to ask me for help if you guys need it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing this stuff!
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