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Acacia Progression

I have had this Acacia tree (not sure what exact type - comments appreciated) for about 2 years. I am still very much a beginner, so in October, I decided to attempt to style the tree into something somewhat 'tree-like'. The results are as follows: enjoy :D

The front of the tree: October 2013

Notice the lengthy backbranch that was allowed to grow to promote thickness in the branch. Also, a guy wire was drawn from two thirds up the trunk in an attempt to create movement.

A side view of the tree showing how long the back branch really is:

A shoot allowed to grow to create a more '3-dimensional' tree:

The tree was allowed to grow for a while, and then styled a month later (November 20130) as follows:

Notice the slightly different orientation of the font and the altered potting angle. The guy wire was replaced with more durable wire and pulled tighter than before. Also, another guy wire was drawn from the lowest right branch to pull it lower as well. Notice the back branch which has been cut and the shoot which has almost lignified.

The guy wire which was placed to lower the right hand branch:

An attempt to wire the branches in a more spread fashion:

The back branch which was cut:


A close up of the apex, which is still severely lacking. Any comments on how to improve this are greatly appreciated:

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is my first real attempt at styling, and I realize it is not the natural style of an Acacia, but I was curious to see the outcome. Thanks for reading :()

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Your tree is young. At some future time you are going to need to let a few of the watershoots (virtacle branchs) go and wire them to augment a vase shape.

Acacia is much more vase shaped and less pyramidal.

Still I am very glad to see a tree of the tropics, good job!

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