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some bonsai I just saw at a temple in Fukoka Japan









I was surprised at the price.

you should have seen the sakura in bloom at osaka castle very lovely but since this is a bonsai forum I wont post them here.

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Those were wonderful pictures of some great, inspiring trees. Thank you for the post. :D

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Beautiful trees!

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I would love a bonsai as beautify and unique as one of those trees! my birthday is coming up, a week away in fact. have hinted to my mum a cute little cotoneaster at the local bonsai centre. :P

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OoO I want one like that now!!!!!! so are those sakura bonsai ^-^ I am so going to plant my cherry blossom trees when I get more experienced at bonsai.

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Wow! Very nice! :shock: :eek:

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Oh, said with a gasp, Those are certanly done with a masters hand! Thank you for the photos. I found a youngster recently with his acorn still attached. We have Monster old White Oaks here. I am waiting until the little tyke sheds his seed pod and with any luck I will start him on his journey to being a Bonsai. In the past I have seen White Oak used but leaf pruning must begin early. The little guys future left un touched would be to grow under the cabin and be pulled by a less caring cultivator LOL. Thought I would give it a try. :wink:

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I love how the Japanese appreciate winter presentations more than spring and summer... just about any average tree can look great covered in leaves, but a dormant tree which has dropped it's leaves truly shows the artwork and craft that has developed the trunk and branches through the years... thanks for sharing

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