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My Fukien Tea

Hello all this is my first post. :) This is a great forum!

I am the office manager and plant expert here for the company I work for. The other day, there is a guy on the side of the street near our office selling bonsai and my boss tells me to get one for the lobby. I say okay.

So I go over and pick out the coolest looking tree the guy has.

Here it is. I hope you all like it!


I will be posting any questions I have in the other forums!

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us; hope you find it friendly and helpful. It is a cool looking tree! I'm not personally a bonsai grower, but we have several real bonsai experts around here, so do feel free to keep us updated how your tree is doing and any questions you run into.

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very nice, oh and WELCOME, I personaly have only been working with Bonsai for about the past 2 years so I'm still very new to it here's a pic of my favorite tree I have...

this is before I repoted it and trimed it a bit...
I'll take a pic now and post it soon so you can see it

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