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Bonsai Terrarium

I just wanted to share my bonsai Terrarium pic and if anyone plans on makeing one and you have a ? don't hessitate to ask me I've had my Ficus Nitida in the Terrarium for about 3 months now and its looking good it was a bit smaller wen I first got it anyways here's a pic


by the way, you can click on it to see a bigger pic 8)

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OK, I'm officially confused. In this thread you say that your F. nitida has been in the terrarium for 3 months. But [url=]here[/url] you say that it is the Ginseng Ficus that is in the terrarium and the F. nitida has been potted. And [url=]here[/url] you are asking for potting recommendations.

You wouldn't be messing with us would you? :? :wink:


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