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Orange bonsai?


This is really nice looking. The website claims it is an orange bonsai tree but a google search gives me nothing even remotely like this. I'm willing to believe that the website was poorly translated and this is not actually an orange bonsai. Any ideas what it really is? The closest I could think of was a Japanese maple or a trident maple maybe? But they just don't look quite like this.

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From the trunk, it looks like it could be Murraya paniculata, also known as Orange Jasmine. However, that's about as close to "orange" as you could get, I think. BUT, there are many trees with similar trunks and this one looks more like a maple (Acer sp.) than anything. The leaf shape seems to also indicate maple.

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Yah, I agree with electrictoothpicks that this looks like a maple - probably a trident maple from the shape of the leaves. Maples have a gorgeous array of fall colours, which I'm guessing was the time of year that pic was taken.

I don't know about a Jasmine, but I don't believe an actual orange tree would have a change in leaf colour.
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I expect who ever was labelling it just meant that it was visually orange colored, not that it was an actual orange (citrus) tree, which it clearly isn't.

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