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Cabbage in a pot update

Thanks to all who replied. Around June 21st I found a guy here in Lansing who was selling tomato plants in 8 oz. styrofoam cups. This plant was a volunteer in one of those cups. He told me at the time that it was a cabbage plant. Having never grown cabbage or lettuce, I didn't know the difference. After getting a reply that said it may be a lettuce variety, I tried some on a sandwich and I believe it is lettuce and I might add, some of the finest I have ever encountered (a little bragging here). As you can see, Louie Lettuce now resides in a much larger home. Again, thanks to all for your help



Louie lettuce could have stayed in the other pot. Lettuce has very short|small roots. But it sure won't hurt it to give it more!

Too bad about Charlie Cabbage. It would be interesting to know if it would grow in such a container as the other. If it could, then one could have a couple|few in a framed and raised bed inside for people who cannot get outside or don't have an outside area, which is a LOT of the world.

BTW, one can pick all the leaves except the center and it will keep on growing and making more leaves until it goes to seed. If you let it flower and seed, you can replant those seeds and get more lettuce!

Have Fun!

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