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Wisteria, bougainvillea, water lily questions!

Have just done some plant shopping! :D Some questions:

1. Water lily in a pot: anything I should know about caring for it? What should I do with it in winter? It's in a very protected spot on my pation (in Tokyo) so it propably won't ever freeze. And will it be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos? I was thinking I might put a few drops of bleach in the water to discourage mozzies (but my puppy who is constantly drinking the water lily water might not like that... :lol:

2. I bought a bougainvillea and planted it in a big pot in direct sunlight. The plant came coiled around two stakes curved into hoops. I took the hoops out and the plant kind of collapsed so I have replaced the hoops - how should I train it when it starts to outgrow the hoops?

3. I saw on a different thread that wisteria make good container plants and can be easily trained. How should I train it? What is the best shape to train it into? My wisteria is also in a sheltered spot but does it need any special care in winter?

As always, appreciate any help!

Stephanie in Tokyo.

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