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growing 3 vines in one big container


I have a cement container which is 3 feet long, 1 feet wide, and 1 feet deep. on one corner I have planted star jasmine, and in another its morning glory blue. Now I want to plant honeysuckle in the centre. Should I do it or I should place it in another pot?. If not, kindly suggest some fragrant vine which can be grown in this pot size.

The container gets a lots of sun, very hot summers (40 c+) in our region.


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Honeysuckle can be invasive so as long as you realize that prepare, their roots roam, and of course you should have nutricous soil for any plant to prosper. I don't see a problem as long as you have proper drainage. You might want to plant some perennials to flow over the bare side.

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Maybe not honeysuckle in a container. They grow so fast. However I can't think of another fragrant vine. You could try the honeysuckle in a separate container where it won't take over and harm your other plants. What are they climbing on? Is there enough space for them to grow up?

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I think you would have problems if you plant another vine in the same pot. The depth is the main problem for climbing plants. Most require a deep root run. 1ft is not enough so the two plants you have in there already will quickly fill the container.
Why not plant a faller instead. By that I mean something to creep over the edge of the container. Invariably ground cover plants do not have a deep rootrun and will only use the top few inches of the soil.

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Re: growing 3 vines in one big container

Try some red flower runner beans or a few sugar peas!

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