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Question about greenbeans and asparagus

Hello! I just want to say how helpful this forum has been for me so far, just reading through the threads! But Ive got my own question now... I'm very new at gardening, so far only working from my balcony in containers. I've grown a few things successfully just feeling my way through it, but before I start my next little project I'd like a little insight from someone who knows from experience.

I'd like to grow green beans and asparagus in a large trough-like container. What would I need to do to make sure this is successful? Is it already too late to plant this year? Even if I buy "pre-grown" plants? and more importantly...are the two plants even compatible together in one container?

I'm really open to any suggestions and thoughts. Excuse my ignorance about all this! I guess we all have to start somewhere :oops: hehe

thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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The beans will work, but asparagus is another thing entirely. It really takes about 3 years to get a good crop and they need to stay in one place to do that.

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