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Weird fuzz growing on two of my Jiffy 7 pots


My wife wants to grow sunflower along the fenceline and fortunately it faces east, so we started 3 different varieties in Jiffy 7 pots that are suppose to grow to different sizes so we can arrange them in tiers.

Anyway, all but two of the pots have sprouted. I've had great luck with Jiffy 7s in the past (watermelon and cucumber) and hadn't much doubt they would sprout. However, the two pots that didn't sprout have a weird fuzz that looks to be growing from them with no visible plant. I was wondering if for whatever reason the roots exited the soil first, but now that the rest of the sprouts are standing about 2" tall, I'm curious if this is some kind of fungus or parasite that I had better cull before it jumps to other pots (they are still in the Jiffy 7 "greenhouse" and situated within 1/2" of eachother).

The fuzz strands are about the diameter of cotton from a cotton ball. I attempted to search this using Google and other search engines and didn't find a thing.

For what it's worth, both sunflower varieties in the pots affected are "Mammoth" type.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/information!

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It sounds like you have some sort of fungal growth which in turn leads me to believe that you are keeping things a little on the wet side. I think I would move the ones that have sprouted out of the 'greenhouse' and let them dry a little more before you water them again. Or you could remove the fuzzy ones and begin leaving the lid off the 'greenhouse' The fuzzy ones may not sprout but you never can tell.


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