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Bag for shipping worms

Hello everyone, I am trying to ship some worms from my vermicomposting pit. Does anyone know where I can find some biodegradable bags that are fit to ship worms? Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Bag for shipping worms

Bio-degradable, huh? What about just burlap? (Make sure not treated with chemicals) ... or ...heh... I could picture them in bags made from recycled jeans (cut off pant legs)
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Re: Bag for shipping worms

If they aren't going to be in the shipping process too long, maybe just paper bag inside a cardboard box. The paper and the cardboard are both biodegradable. I use a lot of cardboard in my garden for weed suppression. Main issue I see is that eventually the worms would eat their way out of the paper bag. If you started with the worms refrigerated, that would slow that process down.
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