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Tap water for munstead lavender (angustifolia)

I bought a few potted lavenders (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0058U9EG8) and was wondering if filtered tap water is ok for it?

I have a tap that goes through a filter for drinking water...is this water ok for the lavender? I also have distilled water that I only use for my carnivorous plants. I wanted to know which water was best.

trying to find info on lavender through google leads to oils and tea...very unhelpful lol. I'm growing these to hopefully repel mosquitoes flying through the small cracks between the window and mesh.

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Distilled water would probably be best, but if your tap water isn't acidic or too "hard" it should be fine. You can put some tap water in a watering can and let it sit over night. The chlorine will evaporate out, which makes the water better to use on your plants.

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This left me wondering ... no answer though —

My musings were ... distilled water has no salts.. no minerals... wouldn’t lavender be better off with limestone-infused natural carbonation or spring water?

... ?

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