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Calathea ornata leaves curling up


I repotted my calathea ornata in a bigger pot yesterday and in the process I did some root pruning too. After this, I saw that edges of some of the leaves have curled up and do not seem to be doing okay. Please see pic attached. Have I done something wrong? What can I do to revive the plant? Please help :(

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When you repot, never put the plant deeper than it was in the soil before. The only exception are tomatoes. Whenever I have to re do my marantha patches, I usually only keep the tubers, I usually lose the leaves anyway, so I cut them off an leave just a stub of the stem so I know where I planted them. They usually put out new leaves in a short while. I usuallly wait until the fall to do this since that is when my arrowroot tops die down anyway.

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