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Container Tomato's - New to Container growing

Hey guys, I need a little help.

What is the best way to pot various Tomato's in containers? We are out of space to put any more in the ground, however I would like to add some more Tomato's via container growing.

I think I remember reading online that container grown Tomato's are best with potting "mix", not potting "soil". So my question is what's the best "materials" or "ingredients" to grow Tomato's in a container?

I'll be placing an online order soon for some organic fertilizers to try out, and will also be adding some worm castings, bat guano, liquid fish fertilizer etc. as well.

Any tips,suggestions, etc. are extremely welcome.

Thanks for your time,

-Nick :D

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I grow tomatoes in containers. You read correct that you should use potting mix not potting soil. The potting mix I use has sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, and dolomite limestone in it. I add my own fertilizer. As to how much of each to put in? I don't know because I buy my potting mix.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply.

What brand of potting mix do you use?


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This year I'm going to use Sun Gro SB 300 Universal. I was going to use Miracle Gro but when I was at the local nursery they recommended the SG 300. I decided to use that because I could add my own fertilizer to it and know just how much I have in.

You can use any brand you want. Just make sure it is a quality mix and has all the right ingredients in it.


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Last year I did tomatoes in a round galvanized metal tub. I popped holes in the bottom with hammer and nails for drainage. I used basic potting mix and added my own compost. They did great! I also did bell peppers, cilantro and green onions. It was fun, and looked really cute in its own sunny corner of the garden.

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Growing tomatoes in containers is really quite easy. What has worked best for myself and friend and family is this:

First, take your seedling and prick all the leaves off your tomatoe plant except the top ones. Then dig a hole in the soil that will cover the entire stem, sprinkle a handful of kelp meal in the hole and place your plant in. Bury the entire stem. Water and keep the soil moist. Not wet but, moist.

As the plant grows pinch off the little leaflets that form between the apex of the main branches of the plant and the stem. This is called suckering.

Fertilizer weekly with liquid seaweed fertilzer diluted as per the instructions on the bottle.

Place a 6 foot long stake in the pot and don't use tomatoe cages, they are to small for most plants especially if you are growing either semideterminant or Indeterminant plants.

Keep in a sunny outside spot.

Also, add crushed eggshells to the soil to stave off blossom end rot.

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Learn to Speak a little Sicilian can help

Patio tomatoes work fine "Husky" type. But, you might have to learn some Sicilian first. ... :wink: .. :wink: My father used a system of manure tea or other fertilizer mixed with some soil and put in a coffee can with some holes in it next to each plant. Each time it rained or when you watered gently right in the can you might get some tomatoes like this guy.

If that doesn't work for you ... then "threaten" them in Italian of course, and they will begin producing too. Enjoy your potted tomato plants that can be easily moved if needed to various parts of your patio or yard area. A great conversation piece. But, keep the salt shaker handy your guests will love to help themselves. :lol: ... :lol: ...

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potting mix

This is my first year growing tomatoes in home made 25gallon earthboxes. I'm using Pro-Mix HP and Marine Cuisine 10-7-7 time release fertilizer. :wink:

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Tomatoes everywhere

I live in a small apartement, but I love gardening. This year I decided to try tomatoes in a window box, so far they are doing great. They have their first set of leaves now and are about 2 in tall. I planted a heirloom variety mix so I am anxious to see which ones I got....I will definatly post photos when they are growing more. But I had a question...How long do they take to mature, and how often should I water them? I'm pretty much a newb at this so I don't know much. What kind of fertilizer should I use? any advice you can give would help tremendously.

lots of love and green hugs,
Kitty :D

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