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The best fertilizer brand for indoor plants

I have indoor plants placed in self-watering containers. I was wondering as to what would be best brand fertilizers to use for these plants that are also easy to add on. Like can I just drop these fertilizers into the water and pour it into the watering container or can I just drop it on top of the soil?

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Re: The best fertilizer brand for indoor plants

I like to use hydroponic fertilizers for my indoor plants, since they have all of the nutrients needed, not just NPK. I only use the foliage type, since all I grow are herbs and greens. You could add it dirrectly to the reservoir, though you'll have to be carefull not to overfertilize. Think of what you would use if adding to water, if watering a normal potted plant, and how often you would apply it, and maybe add it in small amounts when refilling the reservoir.

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Re: The best fertilizer brand for indoor plants

Hmm.... I think it would depend on what kind of plants and what seasonal / growth stage they are in....

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