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Fiddle Leaf Fig stem growths

Hi all! I received an infamous Fiddle Leaf Fig baby today, and it's in pretty average shape. I'm keen to nurse it into amazing health and have been doing a ton of research.

The one thing I can't seem to find is much information about how the stem should look. I'm not familiar with owning trees like this and mine has very small, dead leaves (or maybe it's just the bark?) all the way up it. I assume this isn't unusual and maybe they should just be pruned off, but since I can't seem to find any photos or information about this problem I'm worried the stem may actually be dying. Does anyone have experience with this issue? I've attached a couple of photos.

In regards to the rest of the leaves, they are a bit wavy, which I read could also be an issue but there seems to be conflicting reasons for the actual cause. I'm hoping this might correct itself after acclimating to my home. The top leaf has a chunk missing from it, and the bud in the centre of the plant is quite dark so it's hard to tell if it's going to grow at this point. Again, once the plant is acclimated I might consider pruning the top off.

I look forward to your input! Thanks all!

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Re: Fiddle Leaf Fig stem growths

Hmmm... never seen anything like that.

Do you know where the fig tree came from? Was it from from seed? From a cutting? If it was grown from a cutting, I'd imagine the bark being a bit rough and flakey.

The leaves look like they are doing well, so I don't see why the stem is like that. All the nutrients come through the roots to the leaves, so I'm imagining the stem is alright.

The leaves are wavy because it is a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. All the leaves on these trees are wavy.

Has there been any new growth on the tree (new leaves)?
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