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Centipedes in my peace lily pot?

Good afternoon! Cleaning out my houseplants this morning, these critters were in the bottom of my peace lily pot- peace lily is still in its original plastic nursery pot, which in turn sits in a decorative ceramic pot. There were a half dozen of various sizes, should I be worried? Thanks!

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Re: Centipedes in my peace lily pot?

They're usually harmless. They CAN pinch and bite. I can't see your pictures very well once magged up, but I int see really large pincers on the back end.

They're likely after the moisture in the pot. And they likely won't bother you as long as you don't handle them. They can become unsightly in the fall. We had some one year. We just swept them up and dumped them down the toilet.

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Re: Centipedes in my peace lily pot?

Soak pot in water for 1.5 hrs to kill insects and eggs.

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