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Help!! Unknown granules in my new planter

When I went out to check on my planter this morning, I noticed this weird granular substance and I have NO idea what it is. It wasn't there when I checked on it yesterday. This planter is only about two weeks old, give or take a few days. I used a brand new bag of soil recommended by the guys at the store. Could it have been somehow contaminated? If so, why'd it take so long to show up??



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Are they hard or squishy?

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Looks like slime mold to me. At least this one was a sedate brown and not bubble gum pink or neon yellow. ...well so maybe NOT slime mold but some kind of fungus in any case.

Nothing to worry about.

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Yes. Your container is growing fungus because your potting mix looks very woody, almost more like mulch than soil. Lots of fungi love to grow on wood.

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It's a type of mushroom. Soon, you'll have the small granules growing into large mushrooms that can reach over 4 inches tall.

Since you have a lot of 'em, I'd recommend swapping the soil for some other type of soil. In my experience, these mushrooms like top soil as it is full of wood-like stuff.

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