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Please help me make a indoor veggie garden

Hello, I want to grow broccoli, carrots, and romaine lettuce in my room. But I honestly have no idea how to go about it! I have a hard time reading big paragraphs ( my eyes jump around ) so if it is possible could you but what I need in list form? thank you so much C:

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Re: Please help me make a indoor veggie garden

1) LIGHT; 4 or 6 tube florescent shop lights with daylight bulbs are a good choice
2) pots; anything that can hold soil and allow the plants to grow to full size.
3) growing medium; good potting soil and compost or bagged manure can be mixed to make a good medium

I have grown lettuce, spinach, and basil indoors. Broccoli needs more room. Carrots might be okay if you grow the globe carrots and not the usual 8 to 10 inch long types.

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