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Ideas for hearty full sun edible

Hello! I am looking for ideas for a plant to put on top of my rain barrel.

- The plant would be in a separate container on top of the barrel. Could potentially do a wick line from the barrel or completely separate (just sits in regular pot on top of the barrel to water normally).

- Ideally edible -- was thinking a berry bush or something like that?

- Could do a round pot up to 22" diameter

- Gets full sun (9:00am-6:30pm or so in the summer) against the south wall of my patio (taller building shades at that point).

- Would like to be able to leave the plant outside in the winter (in Washington, DC). We could bring in for extreme weather <25degrees, but do not have space for indoor plant all winter. Could also do something annual (all of my other edible container plants are annuals -- kale, peppers, herbs, so would like to try something new)

- Not super tall since it will already be set on top of a 4' barrel

- Ideally attractive

I know it might not be possible to meet all of these ideals but am open to any/all ideas! Thanks in advance!

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Re: Ideas for hearty full sun edible

Have you concidered a flowering vine? Maybe Wisteria? Or grapes, if you're looking for attractive edible plants? Some varieties are really cold hardy. Or possibly Arctic Kiwi? They can survive temperatures of as low as -25°C :eek:
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Re: Ideas for hearty full sun edible

Strawberries maybe. Make sure you have everbearers if you do strawberries.

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