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Easter lily bulb sprouting

I dug up my Easter lilies from pot last fall. I kept in garage in paper bag and promptly forgot about them.
Recently while looking for something else, found the bag and saw that green shoots are coming up from them.
This Way too late for Easter blooming but ok to plant in pots now?

Bulbs are small... Ok to put two bulbs in same pot?

Do bulbs like a smaller pot and be root bound a bit?

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Re: Easter lily bulb sprouting

Plant them now. If they got enough fertilizer last year they will bloom again. How big is the pot? At least 2 inches between the bulbs and between the bulb and pot is good. The problem with the lilies is that they will grow taller for you than they were in the store. Tall lilies tend to blow over easily. Make sure the pot is good and heavy.

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