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Is it bad to frequently move plants indoors to outdoors?

I have an indoor parlor plant that's not getting enough sun, so I was wondering how it'd cope if I moved it outside either occasionally or on most weekdays.

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Re: Is it bad to frequentlymove plants from indoors to outdo

I think it will depend on what it is Ficus Benjamina is a typical houseplant but it is very fussy and will drop leaves when moved to another location, so repeatedly moving is not likely to be to its benefit, but plants like Sansevieria are tough --but Is it an indoor parlor...Palm?
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Re: Is it bad to frequently move plants indoors to outdoors?

Houseplants are moved out for the summer with huge success, especially in places like the Pacific Northwest, where our winter days are so short. It gives our plants a chance to really grow and be a little tropical, but they are acclimated. People spend a week getting the plants use to the sun and the outdoors, but taking them out for a short time and increasing till they are out all day. They stay until the weather is too cold again. To move a plant to a new spot daily, would be very hard on it. If you had a plant in bloom, you would loose the blooms doing this. It's just going to make your plants fussy and confused.

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Re: Is it bad to frequently move plants indoors to outdoors?

All my tender bonsai go out of doors in May, and stay out till about Columbus Day.
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