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Repotted my orchids

Before Christmas hubby bought me a bunch of clearance phalaenopsis orchids. They've been in their little nursery pots since. While they have lived and even bloomed again I wanted them in something that would be easier on my limited space. I've had good results planting orchids in hanging wire baskets lined with coir basket liner and a small piece of landscape fabric inside that before adding the orchid mix. So there were 3 orchids left which are just enough to make the basket balanced. Got them potted, watered and now they are hanging from the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. In a couple days I'll hang a hook on the wall in the bathroom and move them.

I knocked part of one of the flower stalks off one plant. Oh well, the buds had dried up due to the fluctuation in temps from being near the woodstove in the basement. Maybe it will send out another stalk now.

I have to remember to mix up some orchid fertilizer and this time label the spray bottle. I have so many spray bottles that I have forgotten what they hold it's not even funny. I probably toss 4 or 5 a year because of being "sure I'll remember". Label it and done! That's what permanent markers and paint pens are for. Although, black permanent markers fade very quickly under florescent lights. Hopefully the silver will hold up better.

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