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Traveling, Indoor Plants and Problems

I was wondering if anyone could share what their biggest problems or concerns are when growing indoor plants, and if they have any tips to overcome hard growing times?
I'm starting to grow plants indoors, and I'm not really sure about what I need to be prepared for.
Also does anyone have any tips for someone who would love to grow plants but has very little time to care for them because of constant traveling?

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Okay, let's see... I'd say number one issues are light and humidity... Maybe space, too. Having to deal with typical indoor pests like scale, mealy bugs, spidermites, whiteflies and aphids (maybe thrips, too depending on where you live), as well as fungus gnats, is a given.

If you travel, and particularly if you are new at this, choosing to start with relatively easy to care for and drought tolerant plants is probably best.

I don't want to discuss how often and long you are away on the open forum, but we could generalize and discuss vacation and away care depending on length of time involved -- Some plants can be managed by growing in self watering pots, and for others, you probably want to stick with plants that only need to be watered once a week or even less frequently. And sometimes, you just have to hire a plant sitter.

Why don't you tell us what kind of plants you already have, and what are on your wishlist to add.

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You can try a wick watering system. But it is best to use it before you go on vacation so you can work out the kinks like the reservoir size, wick placement. African violets work best using this method. ... tering.pdf

As apple said some plants can use a self watering pots.

If you are going on long trips hiring a house sitter is not a bad idea, they pick up the mail and air things out, feed the pets and water the plants. And make the house look lived in. You just have to leave very detailed instructions and label everything to be dummy proof.

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