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Hibiscus inside for the winter....

Brought my two plants that were doing well outside in their pots, but now they both have yellow leaves falling off, soil does not seem too wet, but started watering just the leaves in am. They are in southern windows. They also have tiny flies now, black with clear wings. They flower almost daily and have new growth but worried that will change if yellowing continues or flies don't go away.Help!

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Re: Hibiscus inside for the winter....

They are probably suffering shock from being brought indoors. You don't say where you are, or how big they are. The flies could be gnats, or any number of things. Do you have any residue on the leaves?
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Re: Hibiscus inside for the winter....

The leaves yellow and drop due to the reduced amount of light. Even in a southern window or even under a bank of florescent lights they will have yellow leaves which eventually drop off. You really don't want the plants to grow and flourish, they just need to survive until they can be set back out in the spring.

I don't know what your little flies are but you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up or set out some sort of sticky trap to let them get stuck to. Even if they aren't harmful to the plant they are a nuisance flying around in the house.

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Re: Hibiscus inside for the winter....

Yes, I agree they are getting less light. You may be giving them too much water if you have gnats flying around. Plants in the house will dry out slower, and don't leave the pot sitting in a saucer full of water. Hibiscus do better in well drained soil and will rot in wet soil. It probably needs more direct light than your window provides especially if it is still trying to flower.
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