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Container flowers getting too hot on window sill

Hello all, I have some double Shirley seeds planted in three medium containers facing southwest on a window sill inside.

The area I live gets hot on a sunny day, easily 80 F, the soil sometimes 100. Shade and water with a spray bottle help some, but the water quickly dries. I placed a plastic bowl cover and the moisture from evaporating, but the temperature stays in the high 90s, so , does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the plants cool? A preferred temperature is room temperature , or mid 60s.


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Re: Container flowers getting too hot on window sill

Hot is a relative term. Where I live, I wish the temperature would get down to 80 degrees F. If the sun is too intense and the temperature too hot on the windowsill, have you considered moving them out of the window and setting up a fluorescent grow light?

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Re: Container flowers getting too hot on window sill

A mister helps. Some plants can't take extreme heat. Can you temporarily move them to a cooler spot such as a covered porch? I have an east facing covered porch and that's where I put my heat sensitive plants to get them through the heat wave this summer.
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Re: Container flowers getting too hot on window sill

try an east facing window sill and a sheer curtain.
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