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Caring for perennials indoors?

I have four poppies, two Icelandic and two Alpine. I am interested in having these lovelies indoors with me all year, is this possible with sun lamps? I also have an indoor greenhouse.
:oops: Would anyone be able to post any helpful links or information for their care, flowering cycles, etc.. As I am a young gardener with little experience.

Thank you so much :)

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Hi and welcome to the Forum! Since no one responded, I will make a stab at it, though I don't have much experience with poppies even outdoors. I don't know if people were a little wary ... growing poppies indoors is quite unusual and if you check google, the people who do are mainly opium growers.

But we will assume your few poppies are decorative. You will need to provide supplemental light for your poppies, not just window light, but I don't think sun lamps are what you need. Easiest would probably be a shop light fixture with two fluorescent tubes, either full spectrum or a combination of a warm light and a cool light. I don't think you want them inside the greenhouse, that would probably be too much humidity.

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