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single stemmed dragon tree

I have a single stemmed dragon tree that I took home four years ago after my youngest sisters funeral.it's about 4 feet tall and I was wondering if I can propagate it although it's just the single stem.please give me advice here because I don't want to kill it.I'd be devastated!! Thanks!!(sorry the picture is sideways!)

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Re: single stemmed dragon tree

Purrfect -

Dracena is very easy to propagate. It is virtually bullet proof. Prepare a pot - 12" - with all purpose potting soil 1" from the top of the pot. Take a deep breathe. Use a pair of sharp, bypass snips. Cut off the top of the plant 8" - 10" below the canopy. Just above, not into, a leaf node - bump on the trunk where a leaf fell off. Plant the top in your pot. Give it bright sun or put it outside. Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Do not fertilize. In a couple of months the top will be rooted. The existing plant will grow new side shoots from the leaf nodes below the cut.

Do not be afraid. I have a very large Dracena on my patio. It had outgrown the 18"pot that it was in. Last spring I potted it up to a 24" pot. In the process a couple of the branches broke. I cut off the broken ends and planted the branch tops. The small, cut off, broken stem ends stayed on my work table. 3 months later leaves were sprouting. They were not in soil and received no water except for rain.

If you are brave you may take another one or two 6" cuttings from the trunk, after you take the top off, and root them as well.

You will have multiple plants to honor your Sister's memory.

Good luck
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Re: single stemmed dragon tree

Based upon the picture I attached in my original post, would you agree that my plant IS in fact a dragon tree? I've been searching online to find what type it is exactly,since I've lost the name tag it came with.

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Re: single stemmed dragon tree

Yes it is, Dracaena marginata.

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