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Zone 7 - Boxwood or Spruce in Container? Would this work?

I just love the look of boxwood or spruce poodles trees (2 or 3 ball ornamentals) planted in urns. However, I've been told that they will not overwinter well in zone 7 in my shed. Would it be possible to cut the bottom out of my fiberglass container and sink it a bit into the ground so the roots are actually growing into the ground? Would it survive the winter like this? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!!!

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That might work Traci, but check out some of the hardier boxwoods (The Green Series from Sheridan Nurseries in Canada is great; Green Gem, Green Mountain, etc.) and if you have a window in the shed, that might work.

Some of these new foam containers look great, are much lighter, and most importantly offer more protection. Coupled with a Green Mountain and a window in the shed, I think you might make a go of it...

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